Sunday, August 23, 2015


I used the travel template, the darker one that is first on the left, it is transparent!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I can't behold much, with the image someone picked for the sample. note, if you have a blog already finished, you can change it completely by changing only the template, to the ugly travel template, and follow these directions...

Click on 'customize', and on the next screen click on 'background' on the left, than click on that ugly picture..... Wow!!! Look at all those backgrounds, these are just the first category, 'Abstract' You will find this very background 7 rows down, 1st from the left.

Now you have a choice, you can do exactly as I have done, or pick out another background, there are hundreds to choose from.

I may have a logo on my blog saying "I power Blogger!" But Blogger also powers me.

Also note the color theme's suggested for each background image, pick one! You can always make some changes,


After selecting the background ... can't choose more than one now, click 'Done'. Go to Layouts.


I chose the 2nd from the left, in the body layouts section, I like one sidebar, on the right.

For the 'Footer Layout' I chose the middle one.

Go to 'Adjust widths'.

Adjust Widths!

The PX stands for Pixels - a web 'size' measurement. I slid the 'Entire Blog' bar until it was at 890PX.

I slid the Right side bar until It was at 300px. that looked about right to me. This blog is the sample of these measurements.


OK, lets start, click the 'Advanced tab"

I started with the 'Page Text', click on it; The color was given, per the color theme that I selected while in backgrounds, it looked ok; a kind of gray, but, I wanted a lively color, and noted the page colors, a kind of rose color, I clicked on it.

I noted as with all font color numbers it was a #pound sign, followed by 6 characters. (#d16363)

I selected the 'web font' called 'Schoolbell' fonts are listed in Alphabetical order. I next selected '30' px from the dropdown menu under the font box. To make my text larger.

Backgrounds; this tells you of one of the colors from the background design, (outer color), all of the colors used in the template are listed below, for your consideration.

If you know how to code,(html) than you could get the exact same shade, for instance to write a poem to be a gadget on the side bar.

Links - the theme colors made them orange, burnt orange, yuck! I selected the two blue type colors, link=#0bbee8, Visited Link=#539acd, and hover Link#0bbee8, I used the brighter blue on the link and the hover link colors and the darker blue on the visited link, that, way when a person is visiting your blog, the link turns darker when clicked on, letting them know that they already clicked on that particular link. OK, apparently I'm color blind, and can't tell green from blue. lol

Blog Title - the chosen font 'Stackey' 60px #FFFFFF white (Design 3)

Date Header - Font 'Indie Flower' 20px #c3c3c3 date is Sun. Aug.23, 2015

Post Title - Font 'Indie Flower' 42 px (same font as date above, only twice the size, and color is white.

Post Background - transparent, and best left alone, but if you mess up on any of them, press "clear advanced changes to -------."

Gadget Title 30px white. 'coming soon': Gadget text='rose' 30px 'schoolbell' Gadget links, I messed up, being colorblind, but I believe that the links now are, blue, purple, and blue.

You are basically done with the decoration part of the blog.